Caring For Someone With Alcohol or Substance Abuse Depression

These pages are meant for the friends and families of people who are suffering from clinical depression, alcoholism induced depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder or panic disorder.

How you can help

Don’t expect your friend or relative to “snap out of it”. They cannot!

Support your friend in persisting with their medication even though it may take several weeks for a noticeable difference to happen.

Just be there to listen.

Don’t talk about their depression or treatment to anyone else, unless they have asked you to.

Keep inviting your friend to social events. They may not feel like coming now but in the next few weeks they will gradually be feeling more sociable.

Don’t expect big changes right away but do tell them when you notice any small improvements. Encourage your friend or relative to go for a walk with you. Exercise is beneficial in helping with depression but so is going out.
Learn about the condition of depression so that you can offer support and fight the stigma of mental illness. Remember – Depression is a medical condition. Learn the facts online.

Don’t accept that your friend or relative is permanently disabled.

Be patient and seek advice on alcoholism treatment

Keep visiting your friend or relative. They might not show their appreciation but your support is important to them.

Encourage them to go to their doctor and ask any questions that they may have.
If you don’t see your friend or relative every couple of days then phone them for a chat. Let them know that you ar