Alcoholism : Treatment of Panic Disorders Associated With Addiction

Can Panic Disorder be treated?

PD can be successfully treated.

Alcoholism Panic Treatment is generally through medications or psychological techniques. These techniques include cognitive behaviour therapy, systematic desensitisation, relaxation techniques, desensitisation through imaginal exposure. Practicing dealing successfully with the anxiety through these various psychological means leads to over-coming the fear. Cognitive therapy helps people who suffer from PD to ‘reframe’ their thinking in a less disastrous way of seeing things. Understanding the illness is always helpful in demystifying the condition and this helps the sufferer to deal with their PD more confidently.

Drug therapy can help reduce the frequency and severity of panic attacks. Anti-depressants are often prescribed for people that suffer from Panic Disorder. These drugs seem to enhance the effect of the psychological approaches.

What causes Panic Disorder?


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